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Tugboat cleanup, Oriental Bay

Join us for our first...

2023 Annual Harbour Cleanup

Join us for the long...

South Coast Cleanup 2023

The annual South Coast...

Successful Event

Another amazing success...

2023 Annual Harbour Cleanup

Save the date! Our 2023...

Great Big Waterfront Clean-Up

Event by Wellington...

Found a ghost net? Please report it and provide a position of the sighting with a description of the net, along with any photos.

Global Mission

Actively promoting environmental awareness and marine conservation through sea floor and coastline clean-ups.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters, fellow volunteers, and incredible sponsors to enable us to continue our efforts.

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Ghost Diving New Zealand

Together, we can make a positive impact on the future of our marine environment

‘Ghost Fishing’ is what fishing gear does when it has been lost, dumped or abandoned and continues to catch and needlessly kill marine life. Lost fishing gear, or ‘ghost gear’ are among the greatest killers in our oceans and increasingly we are seeing discarded man-made trash, particularly plastics, having being equally harmful to our marine environment.


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Successful Event

Another amazing success at our event today and a fantastic turn out. Also great to have had Newshub team join us...



Share your seaweed observations! The Love Rimurimu team is working with Taranaki Whānui and Victoria University to...


Galaxy for the Planet outlines Samsung’s commitment to acting more sustainably across its mobile product lifecycles and business operations

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Ghost Diving NZ (GDNZ) is the New Zealand branch of an international organisation who collaborate worldwide with various local groups of technical and salvage divers to remove lost fishing gear.

GDNZ have embraced this concept and diversified it by also removing rubbish and debris, fishing gear, abandoned fishing nets and various other dumped items we find from the local environment.

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“I think Ghost Fishing [Diving] is a great initiative. I’ve gone diving with them and it was really encouraging to see them bringing so many Wellingtonians together to clean up our environment. Wellington’s environment is one of the things we all love about our city, and we need to protect it.”

Justin Lester

Wellington Mayor (2016-2019)

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