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Anniversary Event of the Healthy Seas Foundation Celebrates a  Decade of Marine Protection and Industry-Wide Partnerships 


Anniversary Event of the Healthy Seas Foundation Celebrates a  Decade of Marine Protection and Industry-Wide Partnerships 

Date: September 20, 2023 

Croatia and Slovenia — The Healthy Seas Foundation, a pioneering organization dedicated to marine conservation and education, commemorated its 10-year anniversary with a remarkable three-day event held from September 4th to 6th, 2023. The event brought together a diverse array of partners, collaborators, journalists, and environmental enthusiasts who have collectively contributed to the foundation’s journey towards cleaner seas. 

A Decade of Transformation 

The anniversary event was a testament to the remarkable achievements of the Healthy Seas  Foundation over the past decade. Participants gathered from across the globe to reflect on the  foundation’s impactful initiatives, discuss future strategies, and reinforce current partnerships. The  event underscored the deep interlinkage between marine conservation and diverse industries,  illustrating the power of collaboration in fostering positive change. 

Empowering Presentations and Collaborative Networking 

Day 1 featured insightful presentations that delved into the history and future aspirations of the  Healthy Seas Foundation. Attendees engaged in discussions that underscored the importance of  sustainable practices promoting circularity across various industries. The day concluded with a  celebratory dinner, providing a platform for networking and idea exchange among partners and  collaborators. 

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Advocates 

Day 2 saw the foundation’s commitment to education and community engagement in action.  Collaborating with local school children, the event fostered environmental awareness through  interactive activities. An inspiring photo exhibition and a captivating virtual reality experience  transported participants into the heart of marine ecosystems, emphasizing the significance of  cleaning and safeguarding these vital ecosystems for future generations. 

The day also featured a presentation and joint artwork session with Bracenet, a valued partner of the  Healthy Seas Foundation. Bracenet showcased the diverse applications of the nets recovered by  Healthy Seas, highlighting their transformation from abandoned ghost nets to purposeful creations.  

The afternoon of Day 2 witnessed a ghost net retrieval mission led by Ghost Divers from around the  world. These volunteer divers demonstrated their dedication to ocean cleanup by removing  abandoned fishing nets, a significant threat to marine life, from the seas. 

Embracing Circularity: Aquafil’s Sustainable Innovation

Day 3 showcased the Healthy Seas Foundation’s vital partnership with Aquafil. Participants witnessed  the collaborative efforts to give discarded nets and nylon waste new life, an embodiment of  environmental stewardship and innovation. Through this partnership, some of the fishing nets  recovered by Healthy Seas are mixed together with other nylon waste and transformed into ECONYL®  regenerated nylon, advancing circular economy across industries. 

Celebrating a Decade of Growth 

Over the last 10 years, the Healthy Seas Foundation has experienced substantial growth, expanding  from 3 partners in 2013 to a network of 150 partners today. The initiative has progressed from 20  activities to an impressive 228, with volunteers increasing from 15 to a formidable force of 350. What  initially began in 3 countries has now extended its impactful operations to 20 countries. 

Looking Ahead 

As the Healthy Seas Foundation envisions the future, the anniversary event serves as a reminder of  the remarkable progress of the past decade and the potential for even greater impact in the years to  come. 

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact: 

Samara Croci, Communications Manager, Healthy Seas Foundation: +39 3314436962  

About Healthy Seas Foundation: 

Healthy Seas is an international non-profit organisation whose mission is to remove waste from the  seas, in particular fishing nets, for the purpose of creating healthier seas and recycling marine litter  into textile products. The recovered fishing nets will be transformed and regenerated by Aquafil,  together with other nylon waste, into ECONYL® yarn, a high-quality raw material used to create new  products, such as socks, swimwear, sportswear, or carpets. Since its founding in 2013, Healthy Seas  has collected over 905 tons of fishing nets and other marine litter with the help of volunteer divers  and fishers. 

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